Monday, January 19, 2004

For Class Assignment:

In Dr. Lambiase's paper, she mentions advertising and branding. If these stars are intentionally branding themselves as "sexual", what will happen to the careers of these entertainers as they age?

One thing that was explained in the book was the concept that quantitative research must include qualitative research to interpret the results. However, we must be aware that when conducting qualitative research that there must be guards set up to aid the credibility of the work.

Hooray for MLK!!!

This morning on the History channel they have been showing features of the profiles of Bin Laden and Dr. Martin Luther King. Perhaps Bin Laden should take some clues from Dr. King... Violence is not the answer!

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Does anyone know were I got the term "Ms. Prissy Pants" from? One hint: It's a cartoon.
Today, my boyfriend showed me a scene from miltary.com. This scene was taped using "forward looking infra-red." Nick was very excited, and I suppose he wanted to antagonize me by making me watch a scene that displayed American soldiers shooting down a handful of Iraqi militants.

I was enraged at his insensitivity and apathy. Why would I find death entertaining? What is it about hate and the loss of life that puts a smile on one's face? Is this a symptom of playing with G.I. Joe as a child?

I understand that these soldiers were under attack, and it was a matter of "kill or be killed". But, if the situation were reversed would one want to view their relatives being killed on a Web site?

If you would like to view the video. Check the link to Nick's blog....

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Well, I don't have a job now...and at first I thought this would truly bother me..not contributing to the workforce and all, but there is something refreshing about waking up at eleven or so.

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